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    MOT DAY - Fail

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    So....car went in for an MOT and Service. Failed on the Headlamp Levelling Device. Apparently if your car has this system then it has to work by law

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    Out and about

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    A slightly scary photo photo of my car having its cam belt change (and new suspension parts etc.)...but it wasn't long before I was out

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  • Williamsclio 1, 2 & 3 model differences

    Williamsclio 1, 2 & 3 model differences
    Standard For All Williams Models

    • Oval Plate number for Williams is C57M. The 16v is C57D.
    • 150bhp, 2.0 16v Engine.
    • Wider Front Track than the 16v, Up rated Suspension front and rear than the 16v.
    • Williams Badges on Rear Arches and Tailgate. Williams 1 says "Williams", Williams 2 says “Williams 2" and Williams 3 says "Williams 3"
    • Williams sill plate sticker in black
    • Gold wheels with the silver rim - the same wheels across all Williams'.
    • Williams Stitched interior with lumbar support and height adjustment
    • Blue Seat Belts
    • Carry Case attached to Parcel Shelf
    • No Brake Coolers like the Clio 16v
    • Blue Dials (Speedo, Rev Counter, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Oil Level, Coolant Temperature)
    • Blue Gear Knob
    • Blue Carpet in main cabin area
    • Slightly larger than 16v, colour-coded rear tailgate spoiler
    • Electric Windows, Power Steering, Central Locking
    • Oil Cooler fitted, the 16v didn't have one
    • Up rated front tripple skin sub frame vs. the Clio 16v double skin sub frame

    Clio Williams 1 - Produced 1993/94 (L) - 390 Manufactured for the UK
    Based on the Mk1, Phase1 Clio's. Produced between 1991 - 1994

    • Small Bump Strips, 2.0 badge round side repeaters
    • Flat looking rear lights with black plastic strip.
    • Badges (Renault and Clio) are on the boot strip.
    • Slated Front Non Colour-coded Grill.
    • Phase1 16v Mirrors but manually controlled.
    • Phase1 Heater Controls.
    • Blue Carpet throughout including boot carpet.
    • All were Sports Blue (449)- Colour.
    • Only 4" Dash Speakers in front (no rear speakers).
    • Plaque to show number of car (as limited run of 400 units).
    • Williams Badges are an Outline, and not filled.

    Clio Williams 2 - Produced 1994/95 (M) - 482 Manufactured for the UK
    Based on the Mk1, Phase2 Clio's. Produced between 1994 - 1996

    • Larger, more rounded bump strips - with 2.0 badges.
    • More Rounded Rear Lights and Boot Strip to match.
    • Rear washer jet mounted in the wiper arm base.
    • Badges (Renault and Clio) are on the tailgate.
    • Colour Coded, different style Grill.
    • Phase2 Electric/Heated Mirrors.
    • Phase 2 instrument warning lights.
    • Phase2 Heater Controls.
    • Again, All Sports Blue 449 (Colour).
    • Only 4" Dash Speakers in front (no rear speakers).
    • Revised Williams Stickers.

    Clio Williams 3 - Produced 1995/96 (N) - 308 Manufactured for the UK
    Based on the Williams 2 Mk1, Phase2 Clio’s. Produced between 1996 - 1998

    • Electric door mirrors.
    • Introduction of door speakers (5 1/4").
    • Introduction of rear 4" speakers.
    • 4 channel, 4 sensor ABS fitted.
    • Change of colour to Monaco Blue.