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    Welcome to the new Williamsclio website, the home of Williamsclio owners here in the United Kingdom. The club was founded in September 2004 by a handful of dedicated Williamsclio enthusiasts, and since this time the club has grown into an online forum and database dedicated to the Williams and MK1 Clio 16V. Williamsclio is an independent non-profit organisation run by volunteers and is the first club in the UK to be dedicated to the Renault Williamsclio.

    With members spanning the globe, the Williamsclio owners club is fast becoming the single biggest resource online for the Williams and Clio 16V.
    Want to know the difference between the Williams 1, 2 & 3? ...Then checkout our comprehensive online database.
    Need technical information? Then check out our online mechanical tutorials and easy to follow articles.
    Want to chat to other Williams owners? Trade information, tuning advice, troubleshoot and meet like minded enthusiasts? Then log onto our fully interactive forum section.
    There is even a fully functional social calendar of events at locations all over Europe. It's all here at the online home of the Williamsclio owners club.
    by Published on 28-10-2014 13:45
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    It has been a few years williamsclio.co.uk last updated our ‘how many are left’ post on the forum, and a two year gap makes for some interesting reading.

    Below is the current list of how many Williamsclio’s are registered ...
    by Published on 24-05-2013 08:55

    The European hot hatch market had started its decline in the early 1990s but it still had plenty of momentum. 1991 was a good year: Volkswagen had just launched the controversial third-gen GTI, the Peugeot 205 GTI was soldiering on in spite of its age and the 309 GTi was going head-to-head against the Renault 19 16s. Citroën contributed the AX GTI and the BX GTI, and even Fiat tried to take its ...

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    Smokey McPot

    Wanted: An old, useless F7R Piston

    Thread Starter: Smokey McPot

    Anyone got one kicking about? I want to machine a wedding band out of one for my wedding day.

    I'd rather not dismantle my car and figured

    Last Post By: Smokey McPot Yesterday, 09:37 Go to last post

    0385 For Sale

    Thread Starter: Lew

    Hi all, it’s been a while.
    The time has come to sell my car.
    Williams Clio No. 0385

    As some of you will be aware, it has been

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    Anyone out in Williams today?

    Thread Starter: Winters01

    The Sun is here ...... for at least today, anyone out in the Williams?

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Last Post By: Winters01 Yesterday, 18:38 Go to last post
    Ayli Carper

    Door clip part number

    Thread Starter: Ayli Carper

    Have sheared a tiny horrible clip on the O/s external door handle connecting rod.

    The handle is 77 00 800 844 can anybody tell me the part

    Last Post By: Ayli Carper 20-04-2018, 19:13 Go to last post
    Ayli Carper

    Sticker or decal position for the stone age after Photobucket has died

    Thread Starter: Ayli Carper

    There are lots of threads about the correct position for the stickers on the ever rusted sides of the car. Less for the, still rusts most of the time,

    Last Post By: Ayli Carper 21-04-2018, 21:07 Go to last post

    Thinking again about selling the Williams 2

    Thread Starter: Willbee

    No for the first time im thinking about selling my Williams 2

    • Mileage is approx 120k. I have some history but it's not complete
    • Rust

    Last Post By: Willbee 18-04-2018, 23:09 Go to last post
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