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    Question Fitting a driveshaft cup boot properly

    On my Williams 3, the driverís side driveshaft had a cut in the boot, so, Iíve removed it, and bought a replacement boot.

    The old boot:

    The replacement boot:

    The cup:

    Fitting the new boot into the old cup, was a massive pain in the nuts, and Iím not confident I did I properly, as if you compress and decompress the driveshaft, you can hear air coming out the cup. Itís not air tight. Is it supposed to be? If so, I really canít figure out how to do it. Itís all the way in, and I used a punch and hammer to replicate how it looked before:

    Many thanks,
    Bruno Andrade

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    You'll be fine. There are no moving parts in that section. Just grease it up I think and job done.


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