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    Removing the intake manifold

    I still have my Williams 3 on jack stands after removing the subframe and having it, plus the wishbones and other bits, powder-coated, as I am still waiting for some bits to arrive to be able to re-assemble everything. I was thinking of having a go at renewing the look of my intake manifold, as it's got that aluminium corrosion. I have a couple questions:

    • Exactly how much of a pain in the ass is it to remove it?
    • What needs to come off beforehand?

    Many thanks,

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    It's fairly easy apart from one bolt on the underside where the power steering pump is. You can do it it with the right deep socket and extension and swivel knuckle I think...but easier to loosen off the aux belt and undo the various bars that hold all the stuff together.

    Things to look out for: Stuff falling into the intakes. The crappy old gasket and what way round it fits. The annoying triangular end plate where the air temp sensor is. If you get it powdercoated or messed with, PLEASE make sure you blast any crap from inside before refitting!

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    Oh, and another thing. The ISCV needs to be put back on the right way round, assuming you whip it off for the intake refurb. Give it a good decarb too while it's off, you'll get loads of crud out

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    Thatís amazing, Wobba. Good detail, there. Iíll have a crack at it! Thanks a lot, man.

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