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    Clio Williams F7R-700 engine for sale.

    I purchased this engine as a spare/replacement for my Williams. In the end I sold my car and never used the engine so it has been sat in my garage waiting for me to sell it.

    Various ancillaries attached as per below.

    2.0L 16v F7r 700 Williams engine.

    Catcams 225 as shown by part number on the end of the Ex cam.

    Williams ECU with Gunner 180 Chip as shown

    Inlet, throttle body & potentiometer

    Engine loom, various coolant hoses & various sensors all still connected.

    Distributer cap & rotor with set of blue 8mm(?) plug leads

    Starter motor plus 16v JB3 gearbox attached.

    Pair of engine lifting brackets as fitted

    Gearbox mount, Top engine mount & dogbone mount.

    Also includes 2 spare working starter motors, some engine brackets and mount bolts.

    I donít know the mileage but have performed a compression test on each cylinder with results 160, 165, 170 & 170 psi. Iíve included a photo of the plugs as removed from the engine.

    I viewed the engine in a running car and purchased from Ben Justice Ė you can find him on the Williams facebook group if you want to confirm. I returned 2 weeks later and collected the engine. It still has the fresh clean oil in from when he serviced & was driving it. I donít know when the cambelt was last done, Ben might remember. The engine was removed from his car around 3 yrs ago when I collected.

    The price is £1200 including nationwide delivery excl. Highlands, islands, etc.

    Alternatively you can view and collect in Southsea for £1100 Ė I have a 1ton crane to use (will sell with engine for £100).

    Please see photos. Genuine enquiries only please. Offers not accepted at this time. Thanks for looking.

    I no longer visit this site as I don't own a Williams so please email me at


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