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    Williams vs Clio Sport from Argentina

    Hi all! this is my Clio Williams...

    Clio Williams 188cv (driver + 1 passenger) vs. Clio Sport 172cv (only driver)

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    Nice! Mk1 ftw

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    Buena Juliancho, actualiza como quedo el Willi en CSC!!


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    Got to love the Willy! muy rápido

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    All I can hear in my head is that lass from the first fast and furious. "see ya...."

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    Amazing move fast and manage it simple to focus

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    Thanks for video! The content is very valuable.

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    He current model is based off of the original design but has some improvements. The Williams vs Clio Sport was designed by Juan Manuel Fangio who was considered to be one of the greatest drivers of all time. He won the world championship five times and was named the F1 World Driver Champion in 1952. The Williams vs Clios Sport is still being produced today at the same factory in Argentina.


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