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    j reg clio 16v spares only

    no logbook as its down as scrapped
    its a jreg blue clio 16v
    o/s rear wing kicked in, roof jumped on
    plenty of bits left on it, good few hundred quid probably more!!!
    bits still left are:
    engine, gearbox, ecu, loom!!
    no rad tho or gearbox mount
    no wings or bumpers
    rear axle
    full interior, all dismantled though
    no calipers, discs are in car
    no clocks or top dash
    sat on steelies at the moment but im keeping those! buyer collects!
    offers around £180

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    mileage on engine?

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    no idea got no history on it....think it was 120 or something

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    u have pm

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    no i dont :P

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    has it still got a heat shield?? what state is it in?

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    no heat shield mate sorry


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