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Thread: Fuel Leak Help

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    Fuel Leak Help

    I could smell petrol when i was stopped at a junction on my way home from work tonight. Thought nothing more of it until i stopped for the second time. Eventually made it home to find that one of my fuel lines maybe even two have been split by the alternator belt. These im guessing are the fuel return lines as the car was still running fine. Any ideas how this may have happened and how easy they are to replace??


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    Sorry forgot to say this is on a williams 1

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    Fairly easy to replace, but they are not cheap from Renault (£70 + VAT!!!!). I assume its because they are shaped.

    I have some second hand ones. PM me if you are interested.


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    I have a spare red one, but the green normally splits.


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    Ok i managed to get some photos of the hoses this morning before cycling to work :( . The two that are split are as shown below.

    I still dont know exactly how they managed to catch on the belt im guessing they have either been routed wrong or from what i can see a bracket has snapped as can just been seen on the photo below.

    If anyone has got these two hoses for sale please PM with a price.

    thanks adi

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    Very strange, can't see why that would catch, you have the trunking that is on the cam cover that holds them in place.

    Will send you a pm regarding the hoses.




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