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    Wheel alignment question,again.

    Right,ive had new track rods and arms fitted and the Toe has been set to 0degrees on both sides.This will avoid uneven and premature tyre wear.

    My steering wheel is off center as is shown on my avatar.Slightly out as you can see.
    My camber on the offside is out by 2degress.Would this cause my steering to be off center to the nearside as is shown?

    Does anyone know that by adjusting the camber on the offside that this would bring the steering wheel back straight?

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    there is no camber ajustment strictly speaking as std on a valver, best thing is to check tyre pressures etc, has the car ever been bumped or have you changed the dampers or anything recently mate?
    if not the wheel is multi splined so you could always just move the steering wheel

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    dont know the history that well to know if it got a bump on the the offside.
    there is no sign of a respray and all suspension components underneath look original and intact,bar the wishbone which was replaced for an MOT.

    tyre pressures are spot on.double even triple checked!
    no dampers not changed,however the top mounts were done by renault aswell as the track rods and ends just last week.they seem to think the strut may be bent,but are only guessing.

    Does the steering wheel move if you adjust camber?because if it does then by adjusting the camber on the offside(with a camber bolt) I think it will bring the steering wheel dead center.Can we confirm this or do I have to fit the bolt to see if it does?

    She does drive straight.

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    if it was me.

    take it back - and tell them the wheel is not straight.

    straighten the wheel and get them to readjust your tracking

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    I hear what your saying Northy,however they will only bring the toe in on the near side to try straighten the wheel.they are adamant the toe is set to factory defaults.I have had it laser aligned three times now.

    Just spoke to the service manager and he seems to think that by adjusting the camber on the offside with a bolt it MAY bring the steering wheel dead center.It sounds like it should but I guess the only way to prove it is to fit the camber bolt and bring that offside back in 2 degrees.Surely by doing this it will pull the steering wheel back in straight?It kinda makes sense does it not?
    If you think about it I am pulling the top of the wheel which is negative outwards which in turn should move the steering wheel in line.

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    Your camber should be right already. If it isn't then something must be bent.

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    no doubht something is bent,but which component is the million dollar question.

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    denomination i'm afraid mate.

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    off topic,got this link from leda in an email this morning.

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    If the wheels are straight, unbolt the steering wheel and move it round one notch.



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