Good morning all, hope your all well... I have just joined the forum after viewing for a couple of weeks.

Its fair to say im a 80s child looking to re live my youth, hence posting on here... Over the next few months im trying to tick an item off my bucket list in owning a Clio Williams... I have wanted to own one since 1994 when i used to steam up the window of my local Renault dealership staring at the Williams that was pride and place in the shiny showroom.

If anyone can help me with this quest i would be very grateful.. I'm in the south of England near Goodwood, so looking for a car to enjoy with my 6 year old petrolhead son to take to breakfast clubs and do French road trips to LeMans and share with my friends.

If you have a car that is needing a loving home, or you know of one please let me know.. i like to buy from people, so im not keen on going to dealers.

Thank you for reading my post and i hope you all have a great day.