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    Water temperature guage

    Hi, my Warren temp guage doesn’t work (neither does the oil pressure guage), but the car runs well…please advise where the problem could be. Thanks

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    The sensor for the water temp gauge is on the top of the thermostat housing, check that the plug and the wires to it are properly connected and in good condition before looking to buy a new one

    Same for the pressure sensor, it is around the back drivers side of the engine block & behind a heatshield to protect it from the exhaust manifold. It has a single wire connected to it that leads into a plug at the opposite side of the engine. Check that the spade connector and the wire itself is in good condition as they can often be corroded & broken.
    If you need a new sensor you need to find a guy Called Jason Mather on the facebook group, he sells refurbished ones on an exchange basis

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    Thanks…that’s very helpful..will have a look 🙌🏼


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