I couldn’t see a miscellaneous section but wanted to share with the forum (sorry Ian still not on FB) 😂😂😂 but please do move the post if needs be.

so bought the car last July good price (happy to share this). Insured the car with adrian flux. They do this ‘guarantee valuation’. Pay £15 send pictures.

did this. They came back to me saying as i bought the car for a certain price its only worth the price I paid. Bizarre as I got it at a good price and the market changes. We went back and forth me giving examples of if i bought a rolex or house at x price the price can go up as well as down. The emails got worse when they said they found one at auction and it sold for £6k. I asked what mileage,codition, auction fees, vat and any other fee associated. We but at retail not wholesale so your comparing apples with elephants. So that arguement does not stack up. The guy would not budge so told him to give me back my £15. Cant charge me £15 then say no sorry its worth what you paid.

anyway get a call from their complaints department. Apologising saying yes they got it wrong and car was worth £9500. I pointed out insurance is to put me back in the same position as prior to the event or to buy a replacement. There are only 44 of these on the road (last time i checked willy2) and on ebay they are going for £17k so while mine is not that price its not the lower end either. They asked for proof of restorations i had done but pointed out it didnt need any so how can i send pics of work done.

she agreed. Then called me back and said no we made a mistake again we have chatted to our assessor and he agrees the car is valued at £13k so you have a guaranteed £13k settlement should anything happen. This is acceptable to me.

so I wonder what are other people being told. Anyone know a true value for this. I get it will depend on condition and mileage etc. £13k is good right?

I recommend doing the same if you can. For £15 its worth it.