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    Question Williams 3 brake caliper

    Hi guys,

    I might be being paranoid, but I just realised the brake calipers I bought a while ago, might not be the correct ones (facepalm). I'm jacking up the car tomorrow (if some axle stand pads I ordered arrive) to start working on it, so, I haven't had a proper look at the current ones yet, to compare them. I bought them from Autodoc. On my account, I have the Williams 3 in "My Garage", which I added through the registration number, and VIN, so, they really should only show me the correct parts, however, I noticed their brake parts that differ from ABS and non-ABS models, are stated in the description of the item, and as far as I know, the Williams 3 is the only one with ABS. The ones I bought, however, do not state they are for ABS models, and the 150PS Williams is not listed in the vehicle compatibility list, only the 147PS model. Isn't the Williams 3 the 150PS one?

    This is one of the calipers I bought:

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    You're being paranoid & needlessly looking too deep into things, the calipers are exactly the same regardless of ABS, the only difference in calipers is if they're Lucas or Girling as they changed suppliers mid-production but they all fit the same

    Also you're expecting far too much if you think that generic websites like Autodoc will list complete & correct information for these cars

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    ABS was an optional extra on all Mk1 Clios with a 16v engine and standard fit on all N reg cars, it's only wheel bearings that are affected by ABS being equipped or not but you should always ignore anything online that says if a bearing is for ABS cars or not as they're always wrong and you should rely on the measurements to ensure you get the right one


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