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    Complete car for spares non runner

    Hi Iím thinking of selling my Williams open to sensible offers. Iíve started to strip it for repairs and found that the axle sit high on one side not sure if the shell is twisted so selling as spares.

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    Hi..stick a few more details up...i.e Williams 1, 2 or 3...mileage etc.

    Some pics may help.

    Regards Ian

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    Hi itís a Renault Williams 2 1994 good doors engine does run but will be removed from car , most parts available from interior

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    Hi, do you have the wheel arch liners? I am looking for an OEM front section of the drivers side (front) wheel arch liner. Thanks.

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    Got any photos of how it sits?

    I reckon it's more likely a case of mismatched springs or the rear axle just being lowered incorrectly

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    Measures to the circular point itís 25 cm driver side and 30 cm passenger side

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    Hi.. your pics are not showing...they maybe either to large (over 2mb) or in the wrong format...jpeg works well.

    Regards Ian

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    Do you have the HEAT SHIELD

    Door cars would be good too but might be tricky to post.

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    Need to see some pics of your car


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