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    Wing mirror switch/wing mirror issues

    From another post but thought I would separate. Wing mirrors not moving/working. Bought a switch off eBay. Installed and it gave power and wing mirrors move however

    Put switch in passenger location and it moves the drivers mirror.
    Put mirror in neutral/off and moves both mirrors
    put in drivers side moves passenger up and down

    all movements are erratic. It moves but I can't set the passenger mirror left and right just up and down. I can adjust the drivers but it seems to move the mirrors both at the same time so....

    is is the switch bad? If so I will send it back
    has the switch been crossed wired after a repair causing it to act erratic?
    is it the wiring?

    it is weird. I assumed I would put it in and Bing it would work correctly. It's 50% working which is 50% better than before I guess.

    Any thoughts??

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    Have a really good look at the plug and the switch for corrosion/short circuits. Must be a Ph2 as Ph1 didn't have electric ones. Water and grime can mess with these a lot but a good clean can do wonders!


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