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Thread: Ello Ello!

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    Ello Ello!

    Just signed up so thought Id best to the honourable thing and introduce myself!

    Im a life long car & bike enthusiast. Had a random mix of both over the years and more into my classics these days. Ive a few old bikes which I like to tinker with as well as a couple of cars.

    At the risk of sounding like every other bugger Im looking out for that Williams 1, 2 or 3 Ive always wanted since they first appeared. I had a 205 GTI in the late 90s but the Williams urge never went away! Im on the standard & original side of the fence and would love something solid that I can continue to love & improve. It will be garaged and well looked after, if I ever find one!

    Anyway, you look like a knowledgeable and friendly bunch! Nice to meet you!


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    Welcome on board and good luck with your search...had a couple of 1.9 gti's, Clio 16v and a couple of Williams... all fantastic, wish i still had them all... but only got the one Williams now.

    Regards Ian

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    Many thanks Ian. They sound like a load of fun! I think we all must have cars we wish we never sold! The 205 gave way to an Alfa Spider S4, then a Westie, Griffith 500, 911SC, Elan +2, and it goes on! All of which were great drivers cars but very different to each other. If only I didnít have to sell one to buy the next!

    I realise finding a good example of the breed for sensible money wonít necessarily be easy but thatís all part of the fun!

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    Welcome. Try having a look on ebay. A couple on there one is at 18k amazing Ebay has 3 I am watching just for price examples. Have a look and do what I didnt do. CHECK THE ARCHES!!! Well the feeds on here have loads of information. I bought then joined here. School boy Error, I should have done what you did. I still picked up a good example though. In for the MOT & Service today so this could be interesting


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