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    Hello from Buckinghamshire

    Hi Guys,
    Just got my hands on a lovely Williams 2 this week. I won it at an auction and itís brilliant, I canít help the urge to drive it all the time. The old owner took great care of it. Just cosmetically itís not great so debating a re-spray - let me know if anyone has any advice on this?

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    Great that you got one, I have a W2 as well. I debated for ages getting mine resprayed and eventually went for it a few years ago and had it properly detailed this year. Best thing I ever did and wished I done it sooner. If you are planning on keeping the car, then get it done and enjoy it for years to come. They are still likely to keep rising in value (long term) so it will maximise any such potential.

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    Great that you got one from someone who took care of it. I'm sure you'll do the same. Enjoy the new car i guess

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    If you're going to keep it deffo get it painted & get Austen at AG Auto Refinish to do it

    He's got a lot of experience doing Mk1 Clio's, he's done mine, he's currently got a W3 in that was an absolute rotbox to begin with, in fact I'd go as far as saying he's probably the best guy in the country to paint 1 of these cars based on how many he's done so far

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    Nice - thanks guys!
    Iíll defo enquire with AG. How much should be expecting to spend on the paint job. Thereís not much rust, just a bit on the door sills (that I can see anyway) 😂

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    Often the real condition isn't found out until they're up in the air and some ones had a good poke around.

    Significant rust can be hidden by underseal.

    Regards Ian
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    Was this the Clio Williams advertised on The Market?

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    Yes Ashley thatís right!

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    You're lucky to find it in perfect condition! Happy for you!


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