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    In for a service

    W2 now in for a long awaited full service, cam belt, pullies, oil, thermostat, gear box oil etc etc etc etc. (and a bit of an engine bay clean up whilst the engine is out!!!). Having had it detailed a few months ago I'm looking forward to the engine spruce up and I'm sure it'll drive a lot better for a thorough service.

    one thing I noticed was the car sitting a little lower on the off-side front, garage says nothing is broken so probably a weak spring...and no...I'm not that fat!. I've asked for them to pop new springs on whilst everything is in bits, but has anyone had this before or is there anything they may be missing?? Just thought I'd check.

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    I've had similar with knackered shocks but it's pretty unlikely to be that, I'd swap the shocks around to see if the problem moves to the other side so as to rule out daft stuff like worn wishbone bushes etc 1st


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