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    Fuel line replacement with non OEM hose

    So, like many others on here my fuel lines finally bit the big one. Couldn't find an OEM for love nor money so I purchased a length of Gates fuel injection hose. I've managed to route it ok but the inlet hose is kinking when attached to the engine inlet.

    First of anyone has an OEM hose they can sell please let me know.

    Secondly, if not does anyone have any tips on routing it to avoid the 90 degree bend I'm having to make into the engine inlet. I know a few people have suggested re-routing entirely but wasn't sure what the best route to take would be.

    Thanks in advance

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    You can get new hoses that fit correctly now

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    Quote Originally Posted by 16v_paddy View Post
    You can get new hoses that fit correctly now
    Thank you so much! It's a shame I spent almost 40 quid on my non oem hose but I'm sure I can put it to some good use.

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    Talking about fuel lines, does anyone know where can i find to purchase new? Mines are bent, especially in the rear part and i can't find anything.

    Thank you in advance.


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