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    Smile Clutch cable woes

    Hi all, the clutch cable has snapped on my Williams 2. I previously replaced it a few years ago with a Pagid one from Euro Car parts which lasted no time before the plastic widget that connects the outer cable to the boss on the side of the gearbox sheared. Fortunately, I still had the old one so dug it out of the bin and re-fitted it and there it's been ever since.

    This time, it's snapped at the pedal end, so needs replacing.

    Seems RPD don't supply genuine Renault ones any more? and I can't seem to find a genuine one anywhere?

    I found a Lecoy cable at a online parts supplier, AEP in Glasgow.
    Lecoy are a French company and supply lots of OEM parts so maybe worth a punt? especially at £18 + postage?
    I've also found TRW cables in various places online, including Ebay.
    Does anyone have any experience with this Lecoy cable or the TRW one? or is there a better alternative to the Pagid one from Euro?

    Cheers People

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    Mat Brown may have a second hand one. Contact him through his Facebook page.

    Or try on the Williamsclio Facebook page.

    Regards Ian

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    I would recommend checking that the clutch is okay. If it’s heavy, causing the cable to snap, the diaphragm spring could be on it’s way out. We had the same problem, with the cable snapping at the pedal end. I replaced it, fairly simple, only for the plastic ratchet system on the pedal to explode the first time I put my foot on the pedal…! You don’t ever want to replace that as you need eyes that can see round corners, and a body that can distort into the footwell… I eventually gave up and gave the job to a mechanic to sort – he diagnosed the heavy clutch and replaced both it and the ratchet system – he didn’t thank me for the job! Regards, Sean

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    ive not had many issues with the pagid ones myself.. the cables are routed abit funny and when mine has snapped its always snapped behind the pedal.. haven't tried any others - also have to make sure the length is correct too!! good luck

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Yup, my clutch is very heavy, it's horrible! I have to get my left toe all the way down on the clutch to get a smooth gearchange so driving it like I stole it isn't so easy. I think the cover and/or release bearing are pretty worn, probably from previous owner driving around with his left foot on the clutch? seen this before?

    There seems to be plenty of movement at the pedal but not a lot going on at the gearbox end?
    I was monkeying about with the release arm and pedal adjuster trying to get a better feel on the pedal when I broke the cable.

    I'm currently stripping bits out to get at the clutch to change it. I got me a new Valeo clutch to go back in with the new cable so it should be all good when it goes back together?

    Hands up anyone who's done a clutch on a Williams?

    I'm looking at the (very small) clearance between the end of the box and the inner wing/chassis rail and thinking that it maybe easier to lift the engine/box out together and split the box off out of the car. This is a bit more faff than I wanted but seems easier than trying to build a clutch monkey-puzzle with the engine in? Especially when it comes to lining it all up when it's going back together?

    Or is there a trick I'm missing?

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    Dropping the subframe on that side helps a lot to give you the room you need but doing that has it's own well known ballache issues

    My personal preference with these is to just take the whole lot out

    As for the pedal movement translating to not a lot at the box end is normal, the clutch fork will move a maximum of 21mm when the pedal is pressed, any less means the pedal ratchet mechanism is worn, doesn't mean it'll need replacing right away though unless it's 17mm as that's the point it's knackered


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