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    Williams 0013

    Can't believe I'm posting this but I'm having to put it up for sale

    Iv owned the car for around 14 years
    Used as my daily car for years until 3rd child made it too small for my daily
    It has sat for 6-7 years
    I recently thought it was time to get it used again so arranged for belts and service to be done
    During the service it became apparent that things had seized
    2 front wheel bolts snapped and the alltrnator bolt could not be undone which means the water pump could not be fitted ( will come with the car) the rest of the service was finished
    So it has
    New belt new plugs. New oil. New gearbox oil new coolant new filters

    rot was found behind the drivers headlight where the subframe mounts
    Drivers sill needs something doing patch or replace ?
    Drivers side rear arm has rot
    Rust around rear wiper

    The car is in fair condition for its age but has always been a daily not a show car
    It is original and unmolested ( not original exhaust ) still has original tape player and rear suit carrier
    The interior is original and in good condition but while in transit the cloth on door cards has become loose

    the rear arches are in good condition
    The door rubbers are in good condition
    All the wheels need a full refurb

    I always thought I would get this back on the road I am soo gutted to be doing this
    I know I will never get to own or drive this again even my kids don't want me to sell it but it is beyond me but if it doesn't sell I can still dream
    And let the kids sit inside and rev it haha

    These cars are a true fun hot hatch and only going up in value so if you have always thought of owning one now is your chance
    If interested get in touch but don't expect to knock me down on price by pointing stuff out to me the price is for the car not the faults

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    Hi, is the clio still for sale? where are you based
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