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    Big ****ing mistake!

    Selling my williams

    Anyways never far from my mind I think of you lot from time to time.Hope your all keeping well.
    I might come back some day if I get a golden egg for my retirement I'll splash out on a willy if their still to be got.
    Other than that I'm toying around with a VW at the moment.Cant seem to get enough of the tinkering

    Happier days indeed..

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    Dont do it

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    It is sad. You have experienced many good moments together. Print your iron friend on a T-shirt or coffee mug. Let it leave a mark. My youngest gave me socks for fathers day with a photo of my tattoo)) It was nice. Cheers up sometimes) In any case, this is not the last attempt for you, man! I wish you good luck in the sale.


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