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    Renault F7R - Porting


    I have been building a throttle body setup with bigger internals and i was thinking to compare this for a stock internal cylinder head. When i got the dyno testing done i can post the result here, but this is up to date later.

    My plan is, when i get the throttle bodies setup i do it first with the engine i'm running now. After testing i swap the cylinder head what i have already done to see the difference.

    Now i'm running freshly rebuild engine.

    Bottom end is:
    1. JE pistons, 12.5 comp and size 82.73
    2. Maxspeeding rods
    3. 3kg flywheel
    4. Fully balanced
    5. ACL bearings
    6. ATHENA 1.3mm head gasket
    7. High tensile cylinder head and main shell bolts
    8. Aircon. and hydraulic power steering delete

    Cylinder head modifications:
    1. Upgrade air filter
    2. Finished head ports and valve guides were also cut down
    3. Catcams 286/279
    4. Exhaust manifold is modified so that it has even length primary and secondary tubes

    Some other things:
    1. Cam pulleys is from renault 1.5 dci engine. These need only minor modifications to make fit. Cam pulley sensor is also possible to fit. Please note NEW spare pulleys can be found like 15 pounds.

    Ported cylinder head is explained in a video a made in rally English
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    Great job.

    From what I realized you ported the exhaust to 43mm correct?

    The head is a megane one from the shape and side of the intake ports.

    Is your block a 700, 710 or 714?

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    Hi and thanks for your interest!

    Yes 43mm exhaust port correct and the inlet is 50mm x 33mm Block is F7R-710. Added also missing picture about the cam pulleys..

    Got some progress and hope i get the dyno testing done in next month.
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