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Thread: Williams 2 CAT

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    Williams 2 CAT

    I need a new Cat and was wondering if i should pay 250 or can I get away with the 60 cheaper version ?
    Cheers Dan

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    if its just for an mot.. id get the cheaper one, it may do the job.. but if ur planning on keeping it on there, id advise to go with a better quality part or a sports cat..

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    Entirely your choice but I paid 200 for a 'sports catalyst' that lasted just over a year.

    I think (and I may be wrong) that half the problem is getting ANY cat posted to you and then fitting it on, without causing damage to it along the way.

    Made worse if the person fitting it doesn't do it a lot.

    I don't know where you live but I took my Williams to in north London who fitted a cheap cat for just over 100 (inc parts). It is the only cat I ever had which really worked.

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    Andrew, unfortunately that blew not long after I bought your car! 🤨


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