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    Locking Wheel Nuts Stuck

    Hi, so long story short. When trying to remove my locking wheel nuts today the key snapped off inside the pattern . Does anyone know a way to remove these without taking the car to a garage to have them drilled out?

    Thanks in advance!

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    So if any one else has this problem, i actually got it sorted. I searched online and found a specialist in my area who deals with locking wheel nuts They came out to me this evening and managed to get all four of my locking wheel nuts off for me. The gentleman who arrived was extremely nice and managed to get all off in around 20 minutes. Highly recommended incase you find yourself in this situation.

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    Thanks good to know...I believe you can actually buy socket kits for the very purpose of removing locking wheel nuts.

    I've also read of a cruder method of banging a slightly smaller socket onto the nut...probs wouldn't work with the spinning collar type.

    Regards Ian

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    either that or weld a new bolt head to the nut..


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