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    Boot parcel shelf catches

    Does anyone know if I can obtain a couple of parcel shelf catches where the cord connects to the boot. It would be really helpful if I could upload pictures but I canít so I am sorry for my really bad discription. Hopefully someone knows what Iím talking about and will be able to help me. I have even considered 3D printing them because I have one that is fully intact but thatís a bit extreme just for what should be a £1 part. Thanks to anyone who can help 👍🏻

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    If you're referring to the plastic clips at the lower edge of the rear windscreen that the parcel shelf bungees clip on to, then they were available last year from Renault: Part No. 7700808814 @ £3.94 each.
    Rgds, Sean

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    Amazing, thanks so much that really helps


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