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    Oil leak missing plug/cap

    Please can someone tell me what’s missing here? I have an oil leak on Williams 3 and it seems to be coming from end of cam shaft. There is a hole and it seems to be missing a plug. I think it is what the guy is holding in his hand in the picture. Does anyone know what it’s called or even better have a part number or know where I can get one. Sorry for limited info I’m not majorly mechanical minded and I am relaying what my mechanic has said.

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    It's a core plug, just measure the size & look on ebay for "??mm core Plug" and you'll quickly find what you need

    To fit is also really simple, just smear a bit of silicone sealer around it, push into the hole then use a socket & a hammer to gently tap it fully into place

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    Thanks very much, that worked a treat 👍🏻


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