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    replacing the Fuel pipe on williams mk1

    The plastic fuel pipe from the filter has perished on my Williams mk1, the pipe is no longer supplied by Renault anymore
    Has anyone got any ideas where I can get a new one?
    Does anyone know if the clio mk1 used the same pipe if so I could try and get one from a breaker?


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    That pipe can be gotten from spares suppliers like matbrown. The solid ones are very durable. You can also use normal fuel pipes as mentioned in previous threads and cable tie them in place.

    All the fuel lines are the same for valver and Williams across the years.

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    Try joining this group as it gets more traffic and also Mat Browns link...

    Regards Ian

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    just a note on how I fixed this. I managed to find a clio 1, (not an easy thing now) and those fuel pipes were the same.

    I found that my old fuel lines had been chewed in many places by a rodent of some sort.

    anyway all good now


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