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    Wanted: Williams rally navigator!


    I've been using my Clio Williams for Targa rallies, having competed in the east anglia targa rally Championship for the last 5 years with it, with some success - Sorry williams purists, but I've been driving it as intended and giving it some serious punishment! However, it is still going stronger than ever.

    Anyhow, there is a "Christmas Special" Targa rally this year, not part of the championship, being held on 29th December which I've entered and looks to be really good fun. However, my usual navigator can't make it - so there's an empty seat that needs filling if anybody is interested or knows anybody that would like to have a go, and it'd be good to have a fellow Williams enthusiast along.

    Everything is paid for, and all you need is to know left from right, vaguely be able to understand a map, not get car sick, and be able to get to STANTA near Thetford on the 29th December.

    Let me know if you fancy giving it a go!


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    I've recently been added to a facebok group for Targa Rallies & it does look interesting, nice to hear that a mk1 Clio is being used in anger in one

    I'd fancy it but I think the car sick thing might get me, I remember having my face buried in a laptop to monitor some stuff while my mate was driving/mapping once & it made me feel rather unwell

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    They are great fun, although it took about a year to get the car solid enough not to just keep breaking! There are some photos, etc unter the Williams 2 register, suffix TAO.

    And it still keeps beating all the Mk2 and later clios - the lack of weight really does make all the difference. Other than generally strengthening and protecting it underneath, the only major mods worth doing have been the Quaife diff and the hydraulic handbrake.

    Most navigators, even those who don't usually get car sick just take a travel sickness pill before the start - which are really quite effective.

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    Hi Alan. I could be interested. The kids have a lull in their football fixtures over the 'holiday' period so my weekends are freer than usual. Do you have any more info like a link with further details, start time, etc? Are there any MSA regs to adhere to? Sounds like I don't need my MSA licence but do you need a lid to navigate? Shouldn't be a problem if so as I think my current helmet should be fine but I may need to check specs. I have a FIA 3-layer Nomex suit as well, although recently broke the zip (long story - involves fighting a swarm of bees!), so may need to come up with a resolution for that in a hurry if that is required safety kit, but since you didn't mention that above I am assuming they are fairly relaxed events and low enough risk that this is not needed?

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    Stevie B,MSA or to call it by its new name MOTORSPORT UK,regulations are very few,tests on targas have to be timed at mph,but organisers will put cones to drive around at 360 degrees.They mainly run as closed to club,so you do not need an MSA licence just a club card from the organising club.Motorsport UK regs come in to play when the events are part of the National Historic championship,I was doing one in in a 1600 Talbot Sunbeam ,which had low profile tyres on...could not win a trophy because they tyres have not to be less than 65 profile.Bits of kit you may want to consider are a an accurate trip meter and or a split action help work out regularities ...if the vent uses them .
    Hop this helps


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