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    Head gasket replacement

    Hey Guys

    The head gasket is on its way on my phase 2. Anyone know where I can get a good replacement and would appreciate any advice on what else should be changed / done at the same time and tips on changing the gasket?


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    Have you tested it to make sure it has actually gone? They don't really "start to go" as such, it's either gone or it hasn't

    As for a replacement, ideally you want to source a Victor Reinz gasket and avoid anything made by BGA like the plague. You'll also want new head bolts

    Best tip I can give you is get a Haynes manual as that covers pretty much all of the handy tips I could give you

    Sending the head to an engine builder / machine shop to be inspected, pressure tested, potentially skimmed & rebuilt is a must

    You'll also want a new cambelt kit and water pump while you're at it, just make sure the pump is a Valeo item

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    Its gone .

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    There are a ton of headgasket fail posts here, including my own on my valver many years ago.

    With a standard car it is a pain but all doable in short easy steps.

    First, make sure you have decent tools and if you have not already, learn about cambelt timing and top dead centre (TDC).

    Thing to do while head is cambelt and maybe the pulleys and inlet and exhaust gaskets. Clean the inlet maybe and get the head checked or, if needing more power, gas flowed and ported and the valves cleaning/replacing.

    New coolant, new oil, new oil filter, new expansion tank...maybe new coolant pipes if they are old.

    BUT...if you are pressed for time and/or money coolant and oil and gasket and headbolts...and cam belt and aux belt as it is a shame not to do them at the same time.

    Yes, it is a longish job if you are new to it, but once you've done a few, you're a pro.

    With the standard inlet manifold you will be better off taking the bonnet off. I've done it many times by myself. Take the grille off first to access the bolts to the bonnet from there.

    Keep the engine jacked up or in place after getting the main engine mount off.

    Carefully depressurise the fuel system before popping the fuel rail off or risk fuel in the eyes, not nice.

    The rest is fairly obvious!
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