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    This has probably been gone over before - is there a favoured insurance company all are using ? My 1 is just restored and passed its MOT so time to get it back on the road

    Any pointers happily received-

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    Mine is through Lancaster Insurance... the underwriter is Markerstudy...whoever they

    It was 221 with agreed value...I'm 59 with no convictions or accidents, garaged and probs a fairly low risk area. Hope this helps.

    Regards Ian

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    Thanks for that - will try them wonder how they will value them nowadays ?


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    If it's restored I'd suggest putting a value of at least 20k on it based on the few that have sold or are up for sale recently

    Another company that seems to get mentioned on here quite often is Peter Best

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    Insured thro Lancaster - 262 with legal cover and all glass - me and other half to drive - 20k value -
    Pretty good i reckon -


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