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    Renaultsport Clio 172 Cup

    Probably not much interest on here but worth a shot anyway

    Time to sell my "project" 172 Cup. It was a very neglected car with a knackered engine and lots of other knackered/ruined/bodged parts when I bought it in February 2019

    It has been put back to completely standard with the exception of the cat-back exhaust with Ktec silenced decat, Powerflex dogbone mount, ITG panel filter and Eibach Proline springs (closest equivalent replacement for OE springs)

    Car itself is on 147,500 miles and in daily use so will go up a bit

    Replacement engine with 84,000 miles was fitted at 133,365

    Good gearbox with no crunches or whines

    Healthy engine making 167.3 bhp at Surrey Rolling road

    MOT 6th November 2021

    New genuine Renault cambelt kit & dephaser pulley fitted 28th June 2021 at 147,000 miles along with fresh engine oil Total Quartz Racing 10w50, Tranself 75w80 gearbox oil and new spark plugs​

    The following is the list of work carried out & parts fitted prior to March 2020, items marked * have been done from August 2020 until recently


    New genuine Renault water pump

    New Valeo clutch

    New genuine Renault alternator and new battery

    New Dayco aux belt

    New genuine Renault thermostat

    New genuine Renault inlet manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gasket, top breather cover gasket, thermostat housing gasket & upper inlet plenum "egg" gasket

    Inlet manifolds, fuel rail guard, engine mount brackets and thermostat housing soda blasted back to original finish

    ECU brackets restored to original gloss black finish (blasted & powdercoated)

    New genuine Renault main engine mount and gearbox mount

    Standard airbox & pipes sourced & fitted along with ITG panel filter

    *Powerflex dogbone mount


    New genuine Renault Cup shock absorbers front and rear

    New genuine Renault shock absorber boots

    *New genuine Renault top mount kits - Old style insert kits that don't knock supplied & fitted by Diamond Motors December 2020 - New style inserts don't fit correctly which ruined 2 sets previously fitted

    New genuine Renault spring seats

    New genuine Renault Cup wishbones & ARB bushes

    Used Eibach Pro Line springs front and rear (originally supplied by RPD)

    Used driveshafts to replace the knackered originals with new CV boots on both ends of both shafts

    New genuine Renault front wheel bearings

    New genuine Renault rear discs with wheel bearings and pattern part pads

    Replacement used rear brake calipers with new slider rubbers and new pad retaining clips fitted

    New genuine Renault handbrake cables

    New genuine Renault centre exhaust rubber

    *Worn passenger side hub replaced with good used item & new Genuine Renault wheel bearing fitted

    *Passenger side wishbone ball joint replaced with Moog part

    *New genuine Renault inner track rods and track rod ends - May 2021

    *New Brembo front discs - September 2020

    *New Brembo OEM front pads - fitted in May

    *New sliding pins and rubbers

    *New rear brake compensator and new brake lines front to back - fitted by Diamond Motors December 2020

    *New pattern part O/S rear caliper - Supplied by Diamond Motors March 2021

    *New Genuine Renault O/S rear brake pipe - March 2021


    Excellent standard condition - roof lining has started to sag

    OEM stereo fully working with code included but not pictured

    Dash top replaced with good condition used item

    Window switch surrounds, hazard switch panel replaced with non-sticky items

    Steering wheel replaced with good condition used item

    Gearknob & gaiter replaced with good condition original items - Gearknob insert refurbished

    Broken sun visors replaced with good condition used items

    Drivers seat replaced with good condition original item

    Rear seats replaced with good condition used items

    Full set of new Anthracite 172 Cup embroidered floor mats including boot mat

    *Spare steel wheel with good used Pirelli P Zero Nero 195 46 16 tyre sourced along with boot tool kit


    Front & rear bumpers repainted

    Rear bumper has been cut to accommodate the aftermarket exhaust that has been fitted by previous owner

    Front passenger wing replaced with freshly painted item

    Damaged bonnet replaced with good condition used item

    New genuine Renault front grille with sticker

    New genuine Renault front badge

    New genuine Renault fog lights

    New old stock genuine Renault headlights

    Full set of wheel arch liners front and rear sourced & fitted

    New genuine Renault brake light for spoiler

    New genuine Renault B pillar 172 Cup badges

    New genuine Renault rear number plate light

    *Rusty door window rubbers replaced with good condition used items

    *Broken wing mirror bases replaced with good condition used items

    *Damaged wiper arms replaced with good condition used items

    *Wheels have been refurbished in original silver colour and fitted with new 195 45 16 Avon ZV7 tyres November 2020

    More photos are in my sale thread on the Cliosport forum

    Car is located in Nottingham 5,300 o.n.o


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    thanks for your offer.


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