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    Clio RSi for sale

    Hope this is allowed - not a Williams but looks similar - I have P reg 97 RSi for sale in Monaco blue.

    She needs some TLC as she is SORN and an MOT fail, so I'm not looking for much for her, but would like to see her avoid the scrapyard as it would be a shame.

    Basically it failed on a few sills and exhaust backbox. The rear axle was advisory IIRC so I've managed to get hold of one in good nick to go on, and also the water pump is shot now too. The speedo doesn't work either but again I have a replacement cable, including the fitting clips for the gearbox end.

    She needs someone who can do the work themselves, which I can't, basically.

    I'll post some pics up if there is any interest and this post doesn't get removed for not being a Williams.


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    It won’t be removed... nearly bought an RSI myself back in the day but bought a 16V instead.

    Get some pics up anyway and a bit more info, mileage etc.... it will add some interest.

    Regards Ian

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    It's probably a much rarer car than a Williams you know. Don't let it go for nowt.

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    location & price please ????

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    Hi, sorry for slow response, thought I would get an email notification of responses but just noticed it's not automatic.

    Mileage is about 120k, I say 'about' because as I said the speedo stopped working, but I don't cover a lot of miles and it was on about 110 k when the speedo stopped working.

    A few other things of note - the bonnet has a slight buckle in it - again I have a replacement to go on that I had resprayed - there is a small coin sized scratch from storage but otherwise that is freshly painted and will come with it. Also, the lacquer on the roof is shot so that will need sorting. The sunroof as anyone who knows these will know, leaked, so I sealed up the channel around it with silicone. The motor was working fine upto that point so if anyone knows how to fix the seals properly that could be done.

    Bodywork is decent for the age - a couple of small rust bubbles around the arches - should be evident in photos.

    I'm in Gloucestershire, and price wise I'm honestly not sure what it's worth. Am I allowed to say make me an offer? If not let me know and I'll come up with something.

    Pics attached. Any requests let me know.


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    How much do you want for it for the RSI mate? I'm interested in a very cheap project


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    Still have this if anyone is interested.

    Post in here or PM me with any questions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clio_RSi View Post
    Still have this if anyone is interested.

    Post in here or PM me with any questions.

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    Still have this if there is any interest. Uploaded pics here as previous ones got removed by image host.

    Original post should cover most of it.

    Any questions welcome.


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