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    front electric window problems....

    anyone else like me have problems with there electric front windows? well with the car being 22 years old now things are starting to get old and not work. i have my drivers side window fall out of the track its meant to stay in, has anyone managed to fix theres? if so how?? i know the corner of the window has a plastic tab that has a plastic rivet through which it passes through a hole in the corner of the window, is it the tab itself that need renewing? or is it the track within the pillar of the door that needs sorting?? also the passenger side window sometimes does not work at all on either drivers or passengers switch, or when it does work it is so so sluggish, ive tried numerous new switches, a different window motor, but to no avail?? anyone have any other ideas??

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    I wish I had an answer for you but all I have is sympathy I'm afraid. My passenger window is so slow I dread having to use it, and the driver's one makes very funny noises.

    But as they just about work all I do is pray, because there is one immutable law of car mechanics: "If you start taking the door panel off, you WILL cry."

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    I've toyed with getting whole new mechanisms as they are still available.

    On the rebuild of 360 I cleaned the cable in the mechanisms and greesed them. It helped, but isn't how I remember them 10 years ago.

    Perhaps try greasing the cables when you're putting the glass back on the tab.


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    sorry to resurrect this again but things are worse. has anyone got a part number for both the window motors?(left and right) and does the mark 2 or even mark 3 window motors fit our mark 1's???

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    Just seen this. I replaced a rotten door on my W2 and when the garage changed the glass over (wanted to keep the original as it is etched) the window then 'fell' out of the runner and tipped forward when used. I was annoyed to say the least because it wasn't like that to start with.....anyway, the car then went in for a full re-spray (and much re-building!) and we were able to get the plastic riveted bit (on the glass) that slots into the runner...put it on...and good as new, window works fine. Turns out that the previous plastic riveted bit had just worn out meaning that it didn't fit in the runner as it should.

    I also had my door panel off at the weekend (to take the wiring loom out and solder some broken wires - quite pleased with that because now my electric mirrors work for the first time in years!!) and noticed that the rubber runner inside the door felt quite sticky, so no wonder the window struggles up and down. I wasn't sure what to put on the rubber/or if I should clean it, and with what - but it seems obvious that if this was cleaner the window would run more freely (on my car at least).

    Hope this helps.

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    I pressure washed the inside of the window seal track and used a credit card to scrape along the top seals of the door window seal trims then used (dry lube) spay after all fine now.


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