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    Williams 0026 for sale

    Clio Williams No. 0026

    122,000 miles.

    12 months MOT, tax due on 1st October.

    I've owned the car since 2009 and it's only done about 2000 miles since then, mostly driving around my local patch in North London and the occasional trip down to Wales and back. Apart from the clutch cable snapping a few months ago, it's never let me down once and I've enjoyed owning it but it's time to let it go because I don't really have the time to devote to it anymore.

    Some more history here:

    Timing and alternator belt kit fitting by Renault Enfield in 2013 and at 121,456 miles.
    Some welding done to the sills (which I think are the original ones) to pass the MOT in 2014.
    New genuine clutch cable fitted a few months ago.

    In 2016, a small area of rust on the drivers rear quarter panel was fixed and then the whole panel was painted and blended in. It wasn't on the arch itself but further in towards the door.The bonnet was painted at the same time because the lacquer had started to crack and peel. In all honesty, it was a very painful experience because the bodyshop initially painted it as per the code 449 but it didn't match at all so after a lot of arguing, they redid it. The result isn't great, especially the bonnet which wasn't sanded down properly so has a lot of craters in the paint but it shouldn't cost much to get that done again. Passenger side quarter panel and arch is still solid and has never needed any work since I've owned it.

    You'll notice that the boot spoiler is currently off the car. The aim was to get that re-painted as well but I didn't trust the paintshop after the first fiasco. Clio boot badge is also off but I've got it in the house somewhere. It's also missing one Williams decal on the passenger side after I screwed up putting a new one and haven't had time to redo it.

    Wheels could really do with a refurb but none are damaged so that would be a straightforward job.

    Interior is clean and all the gauges work but there is a hole in the back seat.

    All in all, I would say it's a decent example but a bit tatty. Engine is still strong with good oil pressure and there's still plenty of life left in the clutch. Power steering pump is noisy but that's a common thing. You could drive it around for a few more years as it is now but it would be better if it were taken off the road now and completely restored.

    I think that's about it. As you'd expect, I've got a folder full of old invoices and MOT's.

    I'm asking 5900 and I'm not going to haggle because I think that's fair for one of the first Williams ever made. I don't need the money and if it doesn't sell, I'll find somewhere to store it and you probably won't see it again for quite awhile.

    Please message me for my contact details. Car is in North London, N13.

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    Bit puzzled that no one has contacted me about this Williams..

    Did I price it too cheap and that's putting everyone off!?

    Anyway, here's my email and phone numbers.
    07954 434161

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    It must be a sign, keep it.

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    Could be Haz!

    How you doing anyway? it's been years mate!

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    People are unsure about current or future prices. Seems a nice car but I can see defects, as will any Williams owner with a keen eye. Personally, I'd get a good bodyshop to do a full scrub down & spray job, very very few of these cars don't need a full respray now and/or proper arch repair.

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    Got a tear in my eye now because she's sold now..

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    sorry to hear she has sold.

    did you get what you were after for it?

    Could you update 0026's register with the new owners location please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benvk View Post
    Got a tear in my eye now because she's sold now..
    I said you would regret it, hope you got what you wanted for it.

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    Hi Northy, I have bought the car, I am based in Hertford.

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    Ooh..quite close to

    Regards Ian


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