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    Mileage between MOTs

    Can anyone beat 16,768 miles covered since I got the old girl back on the road in August 2017?

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    haha you have won this game already!!!!

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    At the other end, mine went for mot on Saturday and it had covered 87 miles since the previous mot.

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    I've done about half that in my daily driver that's with 2 trips to the Nurburgring thrown in as well

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    They are made to be driven...

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    She was off the road for 3 years (2014-17) having an engine rebuild and suspension refresh so I had to get some miles done.
    In terms of snags after the rebuild I had the power steering pump seize I guess from where it sat for so long unused.
    In the last year I've had to replace the osf wheel bearing and exhaust downpipe.
    The original starter has now died and is being rebuilt which isn't bad for 25 years and 150k miles and the rear wheel bearings are getting noisy.


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