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    Williams Land Cars:

    Exhaust Heat shield - Group Buy

    I have been speaking to Mecaparts who are selling a reproduction of the NLA williams & 16v exhaust heat shield

    This is manufactured by the same company who produce shields for the M-Sport Fiesta world rally cars.

    Limited numbers available.

    This is the only supplier that are selling new heat shields. They are improved material from the originals with a far superior temperature rating of that of the original. If you do not have one - this is as good as it gets.

    The group buy prices are as follows.

    Price for 1 166 €
    Price for 10
    153 €
    Price for 15
    150 €
    Price for 20
    148 €
    Price for 25
    146 € (williamsclio Target)

    The heat shields will be posted to me, then I will send to you.

    The initial payment to purchase your heat shield is 135. Once here i will contact you for what ever the P&P rate will be to you.

    (The exchange rate is currently showing 146euros to the pound = 131.07, but i do not know what the rate will be in a months time. The difference between what we pay now and the exchange rate when we buy i will deduct from your additional P&P costs.)

    Payments of 135.00 to be sent to (Please send payment as Friends and Family

    Thank you

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    Williams Land Cars:
    Group buy closes at 25 orders

    Please send Payment ASAP

    POSTED Lee Steward (Paid)

    2. Dap81 (Paid: Mark D'Apice)

    POSTED Tom Pegg (Paid)
    COLLECTED Economical (Paid: Christopher Johnson)
    POSTED Beno66 (Paid)
    POSTED Therossatron (Paid: Ross Wallace)
    7. DanopV6 (Paid: Dan Philipson)

    POSTED Noddy52 (Paid: Dennis Wood)
    COLLECTED W1LL4M5 (Paid: Tim Gentry)
    POSTED Marc182cup (Paid: Marc Mcgrath)
    COLLECTED Zippy. (Paid: Gavin Miller)
    POSTED Ian Birch (Paid)
    13. Wobba (Paid)
    14. Wobba (Paid)

    POSTED Andy Dossor (Paid)
    COLLECTED PhilW (Paid)
    17. jozef (Paid Joseph Calleja)
    18. Thesnapper (Paid: Peter Whalley)
    19. Nutbehinddawheel (Paid: Tony Scott)

    POSTED Fuzzy (Paid: Emma J Kennedy)
    POSTED Fuzzy (Paid: Emma J Kennedy)
    POSTED MickPM (Paid)

    23. Edd. (Paid: Edward Short)

    POSTED 24. northy 1 (Paid)
    POSTED 25. northy 2 (Paid)
    POSTED 26. northy 3 (Paid)
    POSTED 27. northy 4 (Paid)

    28. northy (Paid)

    POSTED Jesster71 (Paid: jesse jay trayler)
    30. northy
    (name in bold = Vatgate - ok to continue)
    Missed payment deadline removed: BazEdgar & Tadders

    Vat extra payment removed: Sam16v
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    Put my name down for one, thanks

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    I would like one too please, mine ant got one lol

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    I would like one also please.

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    2 for me please

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    I'll take one too!

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    Me too please, just the 1.


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    Can you get me one too please.

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    Yes please if it is the DOPO image one which goes at the back of the engine bay?


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