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    Williams Land Cars:
    Dear all.

    The packing boxes I have bought for you have now arrived and the postage cost has been calculated.

    Once your payment has come through to ‘’ (AS FRIENDS AND FAMILY please) I will post your Heatshield as soon as possible.

    There are two lists. Those who owe the extra VAT payment and the P&P charge - 40 is owed, and the second list of those who just owe me the P&P 15.

    Mick Pittman – you owe 45 (but please can you send it as Friends and family or cover the PayPal fee cost if you choose Goods and Services)

    VAT 25 & Postage and packaging 15 = 40

    • Vera Whalley
    • edward l short
    • anthony scott
    • mark d'apice
    • daniel mumford
    • tomas peg
    • joseph Calleja
    • dan Philipson
    • dennis wood

    Postage and packaging only = 15

    • jesse trayler
    • emma kennedy
    • christopher johnson
    • marc mcgrath
    • lee steward
    • ben corner
    • ross Wallace
    • andy dosser
    • gavin miller

    Philip walker (as you are collecting, it’s the vat payment of 25 you owe, unless you want me to post???)

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    Williams Land Cars:
    Heatshields which will be posted Tuesday 09.10.18

    Tom Pegg
    Dennis Wood
    marc mcgrath
    Emma Jane kennedy
    Ben Corner

    Yours will go ASAP - christopher johnson
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    Ok I sent 15 cheers Andy

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    Williams Land Cars:
    Table on page 1 updated.

    The first 5 were posted today. Only had room for 5 in the car so Christopher Johnson yours will go Saturday.

    Tracking numbers sent - you should have them for 1pm tomorrow.

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    have I missed the boat on this? just in the process of starting reassembly and just seen the state of the old one...

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    As far as the group buy is concerned probably you have... but you can still order direct from Mecaparts.

    Regards Ian

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    Northy looks great thanks Andy..


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