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    Williams Clio 1 Electric Water Pump Pipework

    I am currently arranging for a 1994 Clio Williams MK1 to be restores/rebuilt which started out as a rolling shell and lots of boxes of bits. 95% is now back together but I am struggling to figure out the pipework for the electric water pump. I have attached the Clio diagram from Renault, but it seems to show two pipes (15 & 2) both going into the pump and Pipe 1 coming out of the other. Am I missing a joiner to allow the two pipes to come together? If anyone has a further diagram or photo of the final arrangement I would be great full as I have searched google like crazy, but I have not removed the part originally so am stuck.

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    The diagram shows both types of setup, the later 1.8 16v's don't have the oil cooler so you can ignore number 15 and 14 as they aren't for the Williams


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