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    Clutch cable snapped

    So it was bound to happen and expected it sooner or later.

    Sods law dictated that it would happen when I needed to actually be somewhere at a certain time but that's a long story that I won't bore you all with.

    Whilst waiting for the recover truck, a mint 205 GTI drove past and I almost waved to him but changed my mind, thank fook!

    Anyway, I've never had to change a clutch cable before so any tips?

    Was thinking of tying some paracord around the old cable before pulling it out the bulkhead.

    The clutch has always been very heavy in my Williams, is there a way to replace it and get a lighter pedal?
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    The only way you'll get a lighter pedal involves removing the gearbox, replacing the clutch and fitting a fork from a 172 or megane as the standard pedal is heavy anyway.

    Good call with the paracord, just tape it onto the new cable as well as tying it

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    Just failed at the first hurdle, couldn't even get the old cable out!
    There's no room to get my hand past the manifold and heatshield to grip the cable and pull it out of the bulkhead.
    Tried pushing it out from inside the car but that didn't work either.

    How do you guys do it?

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    From inside the drivers side wheelarch, it's a stubborn little sod so keep at it

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    What a pain in the arse job!!
    The paracord was a life saver, couldn't have done it without it and your tip about taking the wheel off.

    Thank you!

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    glad you sorted it, had to do mine at the side of the road once, luckily had the spare cable and tools in the car.. managed to smash it out in about 45 mins..

    now i don't travel without a spare cable in the boot!! lol


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