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    original wheel colour code.

    hi all I would like to have my wheels refurbished in the original correct colour gold. I have some questions as I bought a spare refurbished set and they were the wrong colour against mine.
    also I notice on my wheels which now i think only 2 of the 4 are original as the inside back of the wheel are in full gold on 2 of them and only to the end of the inner spokes on the other 2.
    I just want it to be perfect to as want it to keep fully original.
    Also who would be recommended for the diamond cut and proper paint job. cheers!

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    The whole wheel colour thing is a bit of a nightmare...later wheels supplied new by Renault were painted inside and out in gold but as you state the original wheels on the car were not.

    I understand Pristine near Milton Keynes do a good job and will correctly diamond cut the lip. But they will be painted gold inside and out.

    Others on here have used Pristine and can give you the full sp.

    Regards Ian

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    nice one thanks for that info. helps allot!! most appreciated.

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    Lepsons in Gillingham did mine..

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    ok thanks was yours an original colour set on the car before the refurb? If so was it an exact match after? thanks. as I had a plan so I bought a refurbished set but as said the colour and finish was wrong so ill take them along with my car and have them redone again to match against my original wheels on the car. so I dont loose that colour in case the people don't get it right the first time on my original ones on the car. method in my madness thanks

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    no they were not original, they had been refurbished but i know the colour on mine was not correct as they had more yellow in the colour than should be..

    the thing is that the formula for the Akzo Nobel colour code that Speedline/Renault used has changed over the years, even if you were to get the colour straight from Speedline/Renault themselves they wont be a direct match to the original wheels..

    best bet as you say is to take them along with an original and try and get them matched to that.. failing that.. use Pristine, Lepsons or SEM in Sunderland.. they're the only three companies who's work I've seen with these wheels..

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    thanks allot mate most appreciated!!


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