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    Hi All, I知 Gee from Glasgow. I have just joined as I am looking for my first Williams Clio. I have had many cars including 5 Lotus Elans M100 model, many Porsche痴 mainly 924, 944s and a 928. I currently have what I would say is the best Volkswagen Corrado VR6 in the UK with very low miles.

    I知 now looking to add a Williams Clio to my collection. It really needs to be one that is in mint condition with a good history file. Ideally around the 10k+ mark.

    I値l no doubt have many questions in the coming weeks.



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    Welcome on may need to revise your budget for a mint example and thats if you can find one for sale...but good luck.

    Regards Ian

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    With the clio no1 going up for sale at auction for 35k (euros) i agree may need a bit more than 10k


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