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    Thinking of selling Willy 3

    Hi all

    regrettfully I am thinking of selling my Willy 3. An impending house move and a Porsche 914 project are making things hard for both space and cash.

    I did a reasonably comprehensive thread on the resto I had done last spring on here. She is mint.

    I am am looking for over 10k. Any one able to give any guidance?



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    As I've said before, and am thinking of doing myself so could prove my theory totally wrong, the best bet is to get it in the last quarter of a high end auction when all the money boys and girls have missed the Ferraris and Porsches they think they want but, out of the mist they see this pristine memento of their youth roll onto the podium in front of them with an absurdly low estimate of 12-15k, and they go to war with somebody in the room feeling the same way. Silverstone or something like that. March to May.

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    I've thought about that Ayli and spoken to Silverstone auctions with a view to getting it in their sale at the classic in July. Not really sure what to do. To be honest I don't really ​want to sell but may need to. I love the car and have a lot of fun but.......

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    There is one on ebay for 8.5k plus one on auto trader for more. At the end of the day if you find someone who want it they will pay. Trouble is people want something for nothing

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    914s are silly money at the moment. (Although probably about to get sillier and it depends how silly things were when you bought it.....) Which do you prefer?

    Or don't move. Housing down.

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    Hi Aly

    Im quite fortunate in that I inherited the Clio from my dad. I need to buy my brother out of it and do a load of work to it. I've had the Clio for 7 years now which is easily a record for me and loved it but something has got to give.

    My son isn't happy about me selling it but.........maybe he will end up with a 914 as his first car.......(very doubtful!).

    thinking seriously about the auction route.



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    What's the mileage? Seems to be a big factor on pricing.

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    Low mileage ones rust as easily! Apart from 0001 and 0014 they all seem to have been outside in the wet and salty at some point with the same effect. I think most buyers (not unreasonably perhaps) think all post 1970s cars don't rust.

    A 914 as a first car, left hand drive, dog leg gearbox. Everything else is going to feel easy after that isn't it? Still, a Williams as a first car will mean that every other car you own you will kick the bulkhead through when you go to put it into first gear.

    I may beat you to the auction, I may let the dead hand of apathy strike me down. As Wobba says, mileage is King, at least for now, and a W3 yet to be appreciated for what it is. Best of luck.


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