Hi everyone.

Been lurking around here for a good few years. Finally bought a W3 last weekend. Its a car that has been on the old wish list for a while. There was a restoration gap in my life after finishing my Hillman Imp (are they ever finished?).

In any case, I bought VSA (see thread in W3 section). Shes been given up on by at least 3 people, but is ideal for what I want. Go back a few years and many would have scrapped it as it wants a lot of welding underneath. This isn't too scary if you have ever restored something as rotten as a Hillman Imp!!! The good point is that it is a complete and mostly original, running car with history. A few repairs have been started on it previously, some food, some that I would like to change. If anyone in the North East of England has a solid shell that is being cut up and can provide sections, I would be interested. There is a W2 shell nearby for sale, but at 400 its a bit much for what I need. If the worst comes to the worst my mate can replicate sections.

Interior is now stripped out ready for the weldathon to begin. All being well, the car is going over to my pal next Saturday who is a time served coded welder. He works on all sorts of vehicles. This was the quickest and most cost economical way to get started (I can weld all be it not that quickly!). After that, in for paint.

Will need all sorts of advice on parts. I see Renault Parts Direct stock a few bits at resonable prices. I need things like front window surround seals, will make a list soon.

Anyway, look forward to getting stuck in properly and being part of this community.