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    Exclamation URGENT help needed - 2 days to scrap or sell - by 24th!

    (With apologies for the caps in the title.)

    I am and have failed to prepare for moving house

    This means I have two Clios that I need to get moved or sold in 2 days, by the end of Thursday 24th.

    i) a very rusty 16v
    ii) a less rusty 16v-converted Clio van

    Neither have moved for c.6 years.

    Both don't move under their own steam (because I don't want to risk snapping cambelts etc.).

    The valver needs both sills done and the offside rear wing, due to rampant petrol cap rust, and has some rust around the window. The sunroof also leaks like Julian Assange, but has been covered over with plastic sheeting to keep the rain out. It currently has no carpet/sound deadening due to an epic rainy night many years ago, before I parked it up, but I have that tucked away.

    The van needs the nearside sill done and the offside rear arch, but generally seems pretty solid.

    The valver was overhauled to Williams widetrack by @MatBrown, all bar the subframe and the front springs (172 Cup):

    The van was built up by @HYBRID_HAZ, with 16v engine and (front only?) suspension, gearbox, dash (including oil gauges) and seats:
    who sold it to me when he had no space (IIRC). I parked it up with the intention of getting it on the road, but due to sh!t pay, lack of skills and not having a driveway, it's been sitting there since then.

    It's going to break my heart to get rid of them I've been hoping I could get them restored/running when I got some money, but it just hasn't happened.

    I don't want to sell them for 50 to a 'Cash for cars!!' place or the scrapman, but I don't think I can afford the ridiculous costs of storage (100+ per month) or a garage (60+ per month), and they'll likely just sit there going even more rusty anyway until I (never) win the lottery or something drastic happens and I actually earn decent money.


    Is there anyone on here who would want them and could arrange for collection?? The cars are in Essex and I could be available at any time over the next couple of days.

    I would really like someone to buy and restore them, but I appreciate that is unlikely to happen. I imagine the valver, at least, might end up broken, but I'd rather it went to the community than the crusher.

    Help, people
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    Sent you a text from the number I have saved from many many many many years ago!

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    I just realised - I skimmed the thread from Haz and in haste assumed it was for the van conversion, where in fact it was for the Prima conversion, which was similar.

    I swear it was Haz that I got the Vanver off, but I'm buggered if I can find the thread for it now...

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    Quote Originally Posted by bass_direct View Post
    Sent you a text from the number I have saved from many many many many years ago!
    Surprised you remembered your log in details

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    Goodbye little Clios, I will miss you x

    Drop me a PM if anyone wants anything off them - they'll be getting crushed so you'll need to be quick

    Big thanks to bass_direct for his patience and help, it was much appreciated. Also big thanks to MatBrown who was kind enough to help as well.

    This community is great, I love how the internet brings us addicts together
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    I have only just seen this, have they gone?

    I built the prilliams then my mate came across the valver converted van on ebay which was bought with a faulty gearbox. I helped him replace the gearbox with a secondhand unit which lasted 50 miles.

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    You can no longer link images from Wankbucket..... use this method.

    I think images need to be under 2meg.

    regards Ian

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    what parts are available of the white car???

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    Assuming it's not now a small cube of slightly rusty metal... ... potentially everything!

    Smoothed boot
    bumpers (including front fogs)
    Interior (bar carpets/sound deadening)
    nearside door
    offside door (with dent lol)
    front wings

    I did tell the bloke that it was worth stripping rather than just crushing, but it sounds like he has no time to do it unless a buyer is asking!

    I will have another one at some point, dammit...

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    Hi, just a bit of an update for you. I ended up salvaging your white Clio from the breakers and your clio van has been bought by one of the blokes that works down there.
    so at least neither of them have been crushed. Do you have anything left over from the car?


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