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    Good day all, I know this is a very special item and not easy to come by, Im a steering wheel collector among other automobilia.
    I have this steering wheel that was made by PERSONAL/NARDI for a special edition of the Clio Williams, it is a very good steering wheel and very beautiful as well, I made a search on internet and did not find any like this for sale, so I rather sell it to someone that really appreciates this small details on his car.About pricing, I saw a few from back years with some "super prices" I know these are rare but we should use some common sense here. I have this steering wheel as a collector, and because its beautiful great quality (the best), never used it on a car. It is used but in a super condition and a great patina. Im based in Lisbon and have an eBay account were I buy and sell my items already for 10 years. Im used to send thinghs to all over the world, So before I send it to eBay maybe someone here is interested in it.

    I will price it at 300 plus shipping

    thank you for watching

    Kindest regards
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