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    Good day all, I know this is a very special item and not easy to come by, Im a steering wheel collector among other automobilia.
    I have this steering wheel that was made by PERSONAL/NARDI for a special edition of the Clio Williams, it is a very good steering wheel and very beautiful as well, I made a search on internet and did not find any like this for sale, so I rather sell it to someone that really appreciates this small details on his car.About pricing, I saw a few from back years with some "super prices" I know these are rare but we should use some common sense here. I have this steering wheel as a collector, and because its beautiful great quality (the best), never used it on a car. It is used but in a super condition and a great patina. Im based in Lisbon and have an eBay account were I buy and sell my items already for 10 years. Im used to send thinghs to all over the world, So before I send it to eBay maybe someone here is interested in it.

    I will price it at 300 plus shipping

    thank you for watching

    Kindest regards
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    Hello Papsi

    Your steering wheel is a from 'Swiss Champion' edition Williams 3. These cars were identical to the UK Williams 3 but all Left Hand drive and featured SC stickers on the exterior and a plaque on the dash board.

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    Hello northy,

    Thank you for your info, I just have this idea that a lot of people that have Clio Williams uses this steering wheel, although it was made for the Swiss Champion edition cause is such a great wheel, so that is why I have placed it here.

    thank you for your input

    best regards

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    Good luck with the sale.

    Not sure why yours has a green centre though.

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    Good day northy, not sure as well but I have seen these in more colours like this one on eBay:

    Anyway, if someone is interested please give an offer I just put it on eBay on my page.

    Thank you

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    I have one on my W.
    In Lisbon.
    It is a rare piece but the value will be in someone who has a Swiss Champion and is missing the steering wheel.
    I can confirm that is a genuine SC steering wheel however someone painted the center green.

    The SC was made only for the Swiss Market to celebrate the fact the Renault won the 1994 Swiss Rally Championchip.
    There were 500 cars made.

    The specs were more or less simmilar to the British W3.

    They were sold from the second semester of 1995 till 1996
    Blue 432 Monaco Blue (was 449 on the other W)
    Numbered plate Swiss Champion (1 to 500)
    Sony radio with remote control
    Cd changer on the glove box compartment.
    Parcel Shelf with audison speakers and crossovers, covered in blue cloth
    Swiss Champion Stickers on the sides
    Personal steering wheel (grey center)


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