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    Drivers door on phase 1

    My drivers door is shot - so looking for another one - there are new ones about - but does anyone know if it is just a box standard door off any 94 plate Clio ? Or is anyone organised enough to have the part number ?

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    I've got a new door for sale in Nottingham

    Any door from a 3 door mk1 Clio will do the job fine, I think a part number will cause more hassle as I've found 8 different ones so far
    There's several different variations of the door that range from year and the different kinds of side impact protection that was or wasn't used in that year all of which have different part numbers

    77 51 469 961 & 77 51 467 479 are the 2 main part numbers that come up for a phase 1 Valver and Williams with side impact protection, the 1 ending in 961 is the part number on the door I've got

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    Your new one sounds like a plan - would you be happy to package it up and i will get a courier to collect - ?
    PM me with what ££ you are asking



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    Packaging it up & a courier will be pretty much impossible I'm afraid

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    Ok - Thanks anyway -


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    Pete, I bought a new driver's door 18 months ago from Endon Services ( and it was couriered down to me. Mike Aldridge is very helpful if you email/phone him. Just remember it doesn’t come with hinges ( and prices on the website exclude VAT.
    Rgds, Sean

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    Thanks for that -- will see how it goes with them --




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