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    Top left hand bolt on block...


    I'm putting my clio 16v back together and have a few questions.

    Firstly, I've fitted a new water pump, no idea where I should have put the O-ring that came in the pack though. The only place it looked like fitting was just inside the block, with as far as I could see, no use. When I removed the old pump, there wasn't one either. Please advise if this will cause a problem.

    On refitting the power-steering pump and bracket, I've noticed theres a threaded hole on the top left hand side of the block, again, I haven't removed anything from here and it appears rusted so must have been empty for a while. What's it for, if anything?



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    no o ring i'm aware of on the water pump so wouldn't worry unless its some sort of aftermarket pattern part bodge, which I've never seen

    there is a bracket, short one, from that sort of area to top of alternator iirc

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    So there is. I remember it being there, top left, not on this car though.

    Well I didnt take an o-ring off, but my mechanic mate reckons it goes in the block apparently, cos of some sort of recirculating water feed design...

    Please help again if you can

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    100% there's not supposed to be an o-ring on the water pump, just a gasket & nothing else

    As for the bolts you're on about, this pic should help

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    unless its the O-Ring for the thermostate?

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    It could be, already fitted one of those though... Would make sense. thanks


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