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    Unknown Williams 1 for sale...

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    I thought someone on here had already bought this one and are awaiting delivery as it needed preping.

    Regards Ian

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    Perhaps got cold feet

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    The ad format hasn't changed...says THEY are awaiting delivery, strange.

    Regards Ian

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    Something not right.... remember I thought that when I enquired about it

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    Maybe Abiddavid could come on and let us know whats the story with this one.

    Regards Ian

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    Something certainly isn't right is it. Abiddavid bought it in March, it was getting prepped (which seemed to me a restoration) and then it went cold.

    It was MOTed in August in Uckfield, in Sussex. It's taking a long time to get to Classic Heroes in Sussex from the MOT station. The ad has literally not changed since March.

    Still, nice to see yet another Williams that has had a broken spring!

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    i rang about a 325i sport i know sold 6 months ago to be told it sold the day prior. They have this W1 on FB page at the moment, i commented i thought it had sold, they said it had and it was a software glitch or whatever phrase they used. Not doing anything wrong per se but its bit it has whiff of Arthur Daley about it all..


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